Pricing structure differs according to property type, ie. house, unit, townhouse.
Pricing structure also differs according to stage of inspection.


Refer to our Services. page for a brief guide of the different stages of inspection.

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New Home Maintance Reports

Single Story Double Story
$650.00 $730.00
All prices are inclusive of GST.​
All written reports will be delivered within 1-3 business days.
All written reports will be electronically mailed unless discussed otherwise.​
The inspection rates cover a single visual inspection of the works carried out by your builder up to the time and/of attendance. Our inspector will cover a ONCE only site inspection/attendance. Once completed you will receive a fully detailed written report. Please note these reports do not include or cover any further inspections, re-inspections and site meetings.
Any additional work carried out by Build Right Consultants, including our attendance at re-inspections, site meetings, the review of correspondence from your builder and the preparation of additional correspondence to yourself for your builder etc. will be charged at a base of $150.00 p/hr.